The Loud House #7: The Struggle Is Real

Papercutz’s latest book based on the popular Nickelodeon animated series goes back to basics.

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The KAABOO Discovery Tour at Quartyard: Fusion Rock Supreme

This article was originally posted on the Sunshine Sound Center website on August 14th, 2018. The only modifications made to the article have been the addition of text descriptions below the photos, two additional images, and the removal of the last sentence which served as a link to buy tickets for KAABOO 2018.

For anyone attending the KAABOO Discovery Tour in Downtown San Diego, it was a very unusual experience. The venue was an urban park known as the Quartyard. It features a patch of faux grass, a wide range of alcohol, a place that serves flatbread pizza and burgers where the food is brought to you, and dogs.

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San Diego’s Three New Football Teams

At the moment, three football leagues are trying to fill San Diego’s football void by giving them expansion teams. None of the leagues are directly competing against the NFL, instead playing during their off-season. Can any of these new teams show the Chargers and NFL how wrong they were to abandon America’s Finest City?

Here is a quick look at San Diego’s three new football teams.

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